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Reduce Bias with Video Prescreening

Reduce bias with structured, standardized pre-screening. Give every candidate an equal experience with the same questions, technology, deadline, and scoring. Includes an audio-only option.

No-Schedule Interviewing

Spend less time screening and interviewing candidates and volunteers. Simply select the questionnaire template, set the deadline, send the link, and sit back and wait for the responses to come in!

Save Time When Recruiting

Your time is precious! Our Pre-Hire Video Screening tools help you improve your recruiting efficiency by reducing time spent on scheduling, screening, and interviewing.

Learn More About Your Candidates

Use video questionnaires to learn more about candidates at an earlier stage in the hiring process. Our modern, mobile-friendly process guarantees a fun and easy experience for canddiates.

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Unsung Heroes!

These are Unsung Heroes of Canada’s Nonprofit Sector

Each year in Canada, millions of workers and volunteers make sacrifices in order to live, breathe and work for change, without expecting anything in return. At CharityVillage®, we call these people Unsung Heroes and we feel, it’s about time to sing their praises!

Meet Carmen Yirka – “The Energizer”

While the medical professionals who volunteer with Mercy Ships are often at the forefront of the organization’s work, there is an Unsung Hero who toils behind the scenes in the kitchen to energize this hardworking team.

Nathalie Maione – “The Deliverer”
Meet Shannon Tessier – “The Reactivator”
Meet Jack Mogus – “The Iceman”

We continue to celebrate Invisible Everyday Heroes!

View our Heroes page to learn more about these amazing people.